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scope of services king abdulaziz hospital in makkah


Scope of Services



     The King Abdul Aziz Hospital one from finest hospitals and most forward on the level of Makkah in origin, and provide medical and therapeutic services is classified in the second level in terms of providing health services and by most medical specialties and rehabilitation in addition to specialized centers such as the Dental Center, hemodialysis center, psychiatric, and day procedure unit.

Since the 255 -bed capacity clinical and operational capacity of 423 , and contain the best two department in Makah on the part of emergency and intensive care that has been updated and expanded and opened in 1428, and the day procedure unit was opened in 1431H.

     The hospital serves the largest number of health centers around from all classes, and also serves a number of other hospitals through the adapter to the absence of sections, such as hospital Hire General Hospital, Challis, alkamel, and Ibn-Sina Hospital and the Hospital is the King Abdul Aziz Hospital reference for all hospitals in the north of Makah .

     And age group being processed in the hospital according Directorate of Health Affairs of Makkah12 years to above only, and not lower.




1-Hospital administration:

Hospital Director - Director of the Director's Office – Quality & Patient Safety management - Human Resource Management - Nursing Services management - Inventory Control management - Public Relations and Health Information Department - - Internal Audit and Control Department - Patient Experience Department - Information Technology and Statistics - Technical and administrative follow-up - Training, research and Continuing Education Management - Emergency Coordinator - Religious Awareness Department - Alternate Managers Supervisor.





2-Management of medical services:

Assistant Director of Hospital for Medical Services – Surgical Department - Orthopedic department – Pharmacy – Urology Department - Intensive care unit – Radiology Department – ENT Department - Emergency department - Laboratory and blood bank Department – Medical Department - Day Surgery Unit - Outpatient department - Chest Diseases Department - Operations Department - Infection control department - Endoscopy department – Anesthesia Department - Public Health Department - Neurology Department - Dental Department – Central Sterilization Department - Nephrology Department - Medical rehabilitation and physiotherapy - Home Care Department – Dermatology Department – Psychiatric Department - Bed Management - Eligibility and coordination of medical treatment - Patient Affairs - Medical records - Nutrition services – Patient & Family education Department - Social services.


3-Assistant director of the hospital's operating and administrative services:

Finance department – Purchases department - Maintenance and operation department - General Maintenance department - Medical maintenance department - Safety and Security department - Health Economics department - Public services – Central department – Housing - Washing machine department - Deaths department - Medical Supply department – Warehouses department.


4- Assistant Director of the hospital for Human Resources:

Human Resources Services Management - Human Resources Planning Management - Academic affairs and training Department - Internal Communication Management.


Distinctive services that provide hospital:

All but not limited to:


·     CT scan - Scan TV - X-rays.

·     Radiological early detection of breast tumors - a measure of osteoporosis.

·     Binoculars integrated unit for the digestive system and respiratory system.

·     capsule of the stomach and digestive tract (new).

·     A special unit of the laser dermatology.

·     Unit Integrated Dental and fixtures animation.

·     Intensive care ventilators and sophisticated 39-bed capacity.

·     Respiratory care unit.

·     Device fragmentation of urinary tract stones (ESWL unit).

·     Emergency Department equipped at the highest level and expe Note Number 15 bed patients Emergency Department (male and female.(

·     CPU daily (Procedures and surgeries per day) capacity 26 clinical bed.

·     Created the modern blood bank to cover needs and the requirements of the hospital of blood and blood products and Receive donors.


Services sections of the hospital:



Featuring lab King Abdul Aziz Hospital since its inception to provide the highest level of intensive care and provides the following services:

Blood Bank services, including the provision of platelets using an apheresis.

Services analyze tissue and tumors.

The work of all types of analyzes detects bacteria and fungi, and the work of her antibiotic

Services, including chemical analysis of the measurement of ions in the blood. Services analyzes hormone and endocrine and early detection of tumors.

Precision analysis of the interactions of different serological (serological), as well as the interaction immunohistochemical.

All required tests for the diagnosis of bacterial diseases.


Center teeth and maxillofacial:


It has two basic units:

1- Unit oral and dental diseases and cosmetic and deal with all cases of oral and

dental disease in various specialties - It is equipped with the latest technology and clinics.

2- Unit of Oral Surgery and Maxillofacial This unit has advanced medical

equipment's and prepared to deal with all the complex cases which are often referred from different regions of Makkah, where the possibilities of qualified human and medical equipment integrated.





Surgery Department of Ear Nose and Throat:


The department providing the following services:

Correct hearing impairment resulting from the absence of the ear drum or middle ear ossicles by microscopic surgery.

Treatment of snoring and breathing stops altogether.

Clean the sinuses of Alhumaiat endoscopic photogravure.

Microscopic surgery for growths on the vocal cord polyps.

To make the process of adenoids and tonsils behind the nose.


Department of dermatology:


 Unique section of skin to provide integrated services in all areas of specialization dermatologist.

The service is provided in the centers of dermatology through an integrated system of specialized units by carrying the finest doctors Consultants

Both certificates of specialization in international universities known.

Section provides the following services as well:

·     Clean the skin from acne

·     Laser thery for vascular disease.

·     Department continued skin.

·     Laserthery for pigmentatery disorder (NDYAG).

·     Genital Laser for hair removal.

·     CY.

·     Eximer laser for ladirze psoriasis and vitiligo patients.

·     Fruction laser for scars.

·     Laboratory test gauze and cloth.

·     Eximer laser for localize, psorius, and vitily.

·     Photo therapy ( NBUVB)







Emergency section:


Emergency services cover the 24 -hour, seven days a week.

 And receives all cases and ambulatory surgical and multiple injuries and head injuries.

And receives cases of medical emergency situations to the heart and lungs.

There is emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) as it contains a family of five at the highest level of medical equipment.

Treatment sunstroke and has a 15-bed observation of disease cases that require it.


Department of General Surgery:


Characterized by providing services of general surgery and laparoscopic surgery, plastic surgery, vascular surgery, and neurosurgery


·     Operations General Surgery:

Process and kidney resection of the thyroid gland and thyroid and parathyroid gland, salivary

Operations breast disease and breast cancer

Correct abdominal hernia operations

Operations abdominal surgery

Operations of the stomach - the esophagus

Operations of the bile ducts

Operations of the liver and pancreas

Operations of the colon and rectum

Operations such as colon hemorrhoids - anal - fistulas - internal bleeding









·     Operations perspectives:

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

Laparoscopic appendectomy.

Laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair.

Abdominal laparoscopic hernia.

Repair hiatal hernia and gastro esophageal reflux laparoscopic.

Laparoscopic colectomy (for the treatment of tumors and infections.




Treatment of internal bleeding in the brain, which requires the surgical intervention

Treatment of fractures of the skull

Treatment of fractures paragraphs


Department of Plastic Surgery:


And to provide the following services:

Post-treatment distortions cases of accidents and injuries and burns.

Beauty and repair after accidents and burns

Laser cosmetic treatments for wrinkles - excess hair - acne - birthmarks vessels - capillaries and varicose veins

Treatment lines or lines of pregnancy beyond diet and dieting.


Department of Neurology (nerve):


The unit comprises of neurological diseases and that provide services under the supervision of qualified consultants and includes the following modules:

1-Processing unit various neurological diseases such as:




Hardening of the arteries ... etc.

2-Research Unit physiological and electrical

 The psychiatric unit:

Provides therapeutic services by psychiatric consultant through an integrated program of treatment in collaboration with psychologists to deal with the latest medical devices for the treatment of complex psychological conditions.


Department of Ophthalmology:


Features a section to provide the following services:

 Fundus photography

 Ultrasound examination

 Visual examination of the scene

 Fundus examination

 Revealed bifocals

 Imaging the surface of the cornea to the computer


Department of Internal Medicine:


Is one of the largest departments specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases in the various branches and units include the following:

·      Unit gastroenterology and liver.

·      Chest Diseases Unit.

·      Unit kidney disease.

·      Unit endocrinology and diabetes.


Department of Orthopedic:


·     Unit Hand Surgery:  Characterizedcompensatory surgery for congenital dislocation arm nerve surgery next microscopic nerves to the hand and arm and cultivation of nerves.

·     Surgery Unit Industrial joints: Theinstallation of the joints characterized by modern industrial hip manner ( FT Press ) and without medical cement.







·     Unit laparoscopic surgery and sports injuries:Characterized by anterior cruciate ligament surgery in a manner (FT Press) as compensation for its carbon cartilage or cartilage cells.

·     Physiotherapy center: Department of Physical Therapy has the latest advanced capabilities and the presence of qualified specialists in many disciplines within the department.

·     There are programs of the department as unique as the diagnosis and treatment of spine pain using the style of McKinsey and there is also the latest scientific methods for the rehabilitation of spinal cord injury and quadriplegia and rehabilitation after major operations and processes of the bones chest open and open heart.


Department of Psychiatry:


Department of Psychiatry

Section provides the following services:

Cases of schizophrenia

Diagnosis of autism cases

Behavior disorders and depression and anxiety in children and adults

Treatment of mental retardation and academic difficulties and speech tests and using sophisticated devices


Radiology department:


Contains section on the unit examined the blood vessels to the latest minute examinations of the arteries and veins.

Contains section on the unit leader and equipped with the latest equipment for the ultrasound equipped with the latest facilities.

Section contains the latest devices High-speed CT scan.

Contains section on the devices to scan the regular work of all specialized tests

The department MRI service work for the hospital's patients in agreement with Hera General Hospital and scan it work for our sickness to have.




Department of Urology:


Urology Department relies on the latest technology and includes surgery and accurate lithotripsy (without surgery) and thermal therapy for prostate and laparoscopic surgery and laser surgery - and studies the dynamics of urination - in addition to the diagnostic ultrasound as well as the unit of masculinity and sexual problems and includes the Endoscopy Unit advanced surgical and lithotripsy and extracted laparoscopically.


Vascular Surgery:


Surgeries are performed following unit:

1-  Surgery of blood vessels open , such as:

 Some of the surgeries aneurysms of the abdominal aorta and chest.

Some of the surgeries obstruction abdominal aorta and chest.

The arterial and venous connections.

Eradication of some tumors carotid artery in the neck

Some industrial agriculture Alossalat for the treatment of obstructive arterial pelvis and legs

Cultivation of artery vein for the treatment of severe limitation for blood circulation bipeds

Repair of peripheral arterial surgery for patients with diabetes

Repair of arterial injuries resulting from accidents and fractures

Eradicate tumors peripheral arterial

The extraction of acute arterial thrombolysis

Repair arteries bowel surgery

Arterial venous surgery links of all kinds of patients with renal failure


2-Reformprocesses arteries from the inside, without the need for surgical incision, such as:

Repair of arterial occlusion parties for diabetics

Treatment of aortic aneurysms and installation artery fortified from the inside

Treatment of congenital malformations of blood





Kidney Center

The Baal dialysis treatment for bloody cases of chronic renal failure for a number of about 170 patients

Laundry is done around the clock to ambulatory cases

Action dialysis for three cases Alrotineh Hevcat (shifts) in today's card 33 beds in Nubia.


CPU daily:


Operations are performed for the cases to which it applies protocol procedures per day

Surgery Ear, Nose and Msallk urinary and General Surgery binoculars and bones and fractures and be from 7 am until 4:30 pm every day except Friday and Saturday.


Opening times for patients and their families are:

Daily from 4 pm to 8 pm, except on Thursday and Friday starting dates of the visit, from 13:00 pm to 9 pm

Times visit to the intensive care unit:

- From 2 pm to 15:00 only

Prevent children from entering the time of the visit.


Recognition and special privileges to the hospital:

obtain accreditation from the Central Board for the adoption of health facilities were closed in 1431 --- e

get public recognition as a training center recognized by the disciplines Arabia.


The average number of Almredyalven review the hospital and the number of cases of hypnosis, for example, almost but not limited to:

The number of inpatients 7254

The number of emergency patients 150 281

Patient number 109 068

Number of patients with dialysis 23907

Adeddalmanazir 596 annually